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The organizing Committee of the Divo Eurasia festival attracts the best practitioners from the tourism and film industries to cooperate. The experts (jury members) of the competition include heads of international tourism film festivals, well-known directors and video bloggers, representatives of specialized media, Russian specialists from leading marketing and branding agencies, leaders of the tourism industry.

The organizing Committee of the festival

Founder of the Divo of Eurasia festival-competition

Sergey Krivtsov
I would like to thank all the participants of the previous contests for their hard work and love for their work. It is very pleasant that more and more regions and countries are taking part in the festivals. But what is especially gratifying is that there is a qualitative leap in the videos submitted to the competition.
Co-Chairman of the Organizing Committee
Irina Kozina
I am glad to welcome all participants of the International Festival of the contest "Divo of Eurasia". Today, the Divo of Eurasia is a large-scale platform with developing tourism projects, with an active and talented audience. It's nice that the festival attracts more and more attention of young people. I wish you all good luck, be bolder and realize your dreams.
Co-Chairman of the Organizing Committee
Marina Edranova
The Divo of Eurasia Festival is also a platform for personal growth for many. More and more of its participants find and offer their non-standard solutions, arouse a desire to come and see their tourist facilities and territories. That's cool!
Festival experts

We have assembled a friendly team of professionals in the field of film tourism and marketing

  • Andrey Arkhipov
    Chief Editor
    live broadcast of "TC Russia 24", President of the Foundation for Culture and Art "Inkorel", Moscow
  • Alexander Basov
    Famous screenwriter and director
    screenwriter, producer, winner of various international film awards, Moscow
  • Sergey Lelikov
    International School of Practical Branding "BRANDEFFECT", Moscow
  • Catherine Dilion
    Head of Department
    Directorate of information programs of Channel 1, Moscow
  • Evgeny Vasilevsky
    General manager
    IDEAFIXFILM video studio, winner of international and Russian film festivals, Yaroslavl
  • Nelly Mavrina
    according to hotel technologies, Accord Management Group LLC, a well-known specialist in RGA classification, Moscow
  • Elena Ushakova
    TV "Mix" and General Director of the video portal "Moskovit", Moscow

  • Sergey Strelkov
    Deputy General Director
    video portal "Moskovit", director of NTV, Moscow
  • Vladislav Sokolovsky
    Famous Travel Photographer
    founder and owner PHOTOTRAVEL.PRO , Minsk
  • Andrea Szegedi
    A well-known international expert
    in the field of tourism of the Republic of Hungary, Budapest
  • Wilhelm Domke-Schultz
    Director, documentary filmmaker
  • Ismo Parikka
    Architect, writer, traveler
Experts about the festival
We offer you to get acquainted with the video reviews of the experts of the Divo Eurasia festival
Андреа Сегеди
Известный специалист в области видеомаркетинга и брендинга Венгерской Республики
Наталия Белякова
Руководитель рабочей группы по маркетингу территорий при Госдуме РФ, руководитель департамента РГО
Антон Привольнов
Телеведущий 1 канала
Николай Новичков
Депутат Госдумы РФ, известный эксперт в сфере туризма
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