The Divo of Eurasia is this ...

Divo Eurasia is not just a tourist competition, it is an international festival to which participants come not only for a good assessment of experts, prestigious awards, but also for the opportunity to exchange experiences, learn the best practices of creating and promoting videos.

The Divo of Eurasia International Tourism Festival-video, Photo and Animation Contest is the largest tourist film/video festival in the CIS and EAEU countries, which annually unites thousands of unique participants from various regions of Russia and other countries.

Among other tourist contests that have been held in Russia in recent years, the Divo Eurasia festival-contest, according to the Brand Analytics service, is among the most popular tourist contests in the CIS.

Формат проектов
  • Horizontal format video
  • Vertical format video
  • Animation
  • Photo reports with text
More than 40 nominations.
Information on the nominations is indicated in the regulations of the festival. One project can be submitted only in one nomination or under a nomination.
Video projects for the competition must be voiced and designed in Russian or English.
What does participation in this event give?

Participants are provided with additional platforms on the video channels of the Organizers and its information partners. The contest attracts a wide audience of interested persons from around the world. The festival is educational in nature, and well-known Russian and international experts are involved in its conduct.

The jury, who are they?
The expert jury of the competition includes well-known foreign and Russian specialists: heads of TV companies and other specialized media, video studios, international tourist film festivals, marketing and branding agencies, well-known film directors, producers, screenwriters, cameramen and bloggers.
Regulations on the Film Festival
I. General provisions
1.1. This regulation defines the goals, objectives, deadlines, procedure for organizing and holding the VII International Tourist Festival-contest of video, photo and animation "Divo Eurasia" (hereinafter - the Contest).
1.2. The organizers of the contest are the organizing committee of the festival-contest of video presentations "Divo of Russia" and the International Tourist League of Experts "Eurasia".
1.3. The organizer of the contest:
1.3.1. Sets the terms and rules of the Contest;
1.3.2. Appoints the Expert Council of the competition.
1.4. The competition is held in 3 (stages) stages:

Stage 1 - until December 30, 2023 "Submission of applications and materials for the VII International Tourism Festival-competition of video, photo and animation "Divo Eurasia" from different countries.
Applications are accepted from January 1, 2023.

Stage 2 - until January 15, 2024. Qualifying. "Selection of the best projects to participate in the final".
The best projects selected by experts and "viewers" will reach the final in each nomination.

Stage 3 - 11-14 February, 2024. The final of the VII International Tourism festival-contest of video, photo and animation "Divo Eurasia".

1.5. The Organizer of the Contest reserves the right to make changes and additions on all issues related to the preparation and conduct of the Contest.
1.6. Participation in the competition is free for full-time project defense at the final, and paid ($ 100 per project) for correspondence defense (absence of a participant at the final).
1.7. The results of the competition are published on the official website of the competition - and in the online catalog

II. Goals and objectives of the competition
2.1. Support of initiatives contributing to the improvement of the tourist image and investment attractiveness of tourist industry facilities, assistance in the development of inbound tourism, the formation of a data bank on tourist projects, routes, objects and places in Eurasia.
2.2. Assistance to the population of the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union (Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan) (hereinafter referred to as the EAEU) in choosing the most attractive tourist routes, objects and places on the territory of the Eurasian countries.
2.3. Creation of open information and communication platforms for the exchange of experience and organization of interaction of all interested persons and organizations in the field of international tourism development.
2.4. Promotion of tourism projects, routes, objects and places in the Eurasian space, attracting media attention to the prospects of tourism development, rich and unique natural,
recreational, cultural and historical heritage of the Eurasian countries.
2.5. Identification of interesting, creative tourist projects, routes, objects and places in various tourist destinations, identification, popularization of tourist industry objects and their promotion. Creating conditions for the formation of new, development and popularization of existing and little-known tourist routes, objects and places, as well as stimulating their development.
2.6. Comprehensive education and acquaintance of the guests of the International Competition with the natural, cultural and historical riches of the countries of Eurasia.
2.7. Encouragement of creative and social activity of persons involved in the development of international tourism in the Eurasian space.
2.8. Increasing the competitiveness of tourist routes, objects and places of the countries of Eurasia. Based on the materials submitted to the Competition, the analysis and refinement of trends in the development of the tourism industry will be carried out, promising tourist routes, objects and places for their subsequent promotion will be identified.

The organizers of the contest set themselves the task of collecting complete information about the tourism potential of the Eurasian countries and in the future creating a tourist guide in the form of a mobile application and a printed publication, as well as their distribution.

III. Requirements and conditions of participation in the Competition
3.1. Representatives of the tourism, hotel and sanatorium industries of all regions of the EAEU countries (Armenia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Russia) are invited to participate in the Competition, as well as representatives of other European and Asian countries can participate in the nominations of the competition, provided that films and applications are submitted in Russian or English.
3.2. Members of the Expert Council are not eligible to participate in the competition.
3.3. Applications corresponding to the subject of the Competition are accepted for the Competition. All materials submitted to the Contest (films, videos, animations, slide shows, photographs, applications, etc.) must be submitted in Russian or English.
3.4. Participants of the Contest send their materials and application to the email address of the Organizer of the contest: marked "VII International Tourism Festival-competition of cinema, video, photo and animation "Divo of Eurasia":
- application for participation in the Competition in the form;
- a competitive project.
One project can only be submitted for one nomination.

Format for movies, videos, slideshows and animations MP4, MPEG, AVI and others supported by the video hosting.

Materials are sent via e-mail, in which there is a reference to one of three file hostings (Yandex, Google, Mail).
Materials are not accepted through other file sharing sites.

3.5. Projects are presented in four formats (horizontal video, vertical video, animations and photos), categories:

Format 3.5.1. Video in horizontal format (aspect ratio 16:9):
Categories :
- Commercials / TV ads, etc. (up to 1 minute)
- Brand/image travel videos (up to 4 minutes)
- Short films (up to 15 minutes)
- TV reports (up to 30 minutes)
- Documentaries (up to 90 minutes)

Nominations and sub-nominations:
1) Tourist destinations
  • Cities;
  • Regions;
  • Countries;
  • Locations.
2) Nature and ecotourism
  • Rural tourism and agrotourism
  • Natural territories
  • Natural attractions
3) Tourist products
  • Cultural and educational tourism;
  • Recreational tourism;
  • Gastronomic and wine tourism;
  • Adventure tourism;
  • Educational and business tourism;
  • Religious and pilgrimage tourism;
  • Military tourism (including historical reconstructions);
  • Event tourism;
  • Medical and health tourism;
  • Industrial and scientific tourism;
  • Ethnic tourism
4) Tourist services
  • Accommodation: hotels, hotels, villas, guest houses, campsites, etc.
  • Wellness: sanatoriums, boarding houses, spas, wellness complexes;
  • Organization and facilities of entertainment, holidays, safaris, etc.;
  • Tour operator services and excursions;
  • Transport companies (car rental, air, ferries, railways, cruises)
  • Other tourist services (children's tourism, youth tourism, accessible tourism for people with disabilities);
  • DMC (video games) and video clips;
  • Sports and extreme travel (sailing, sea sports, diving, surfing, hiking, skiing, cycling, extreme sports, etc.).

Format 3.5.2. Video in vertical format (aspect ratio: 9:16):
Categories :
- videos about tourism (up to 15 seconds)
- videos "humor in tourism" (up to 30 seconds)
- tourism videos (up to 60 seconds)
- tourism videos (up to 5 minutes)

Format 3.5.3. Animation
Categories :
- animations about tourism (up to 5 minutes)

Format 3.5.4. Photos
Categories :
- photo report about nature
- photo report on culture and history
(up to 10 photos + explanatory text in the form of a story - up to 1500 characters)

Format 3.5.4. Slide show
Categories :
- legends, myths and legends
- unusual places, phenomena and stories
- unique cultural and historical objects
- unique natural places and objects
(up to 4 min., only from your own photos + a minimum of explanatory text under each slide)

3.6. The Participant is responsible for the accuracy of the information provided and compliance with copyright laws.
3.7. The documentation submitted by the applicant for the Competition is not returned. Its refund can be made only in case of withdrawal of the application.
3.8. Refusal of admission to participate in the Competition is possible in case of late submission of the competition materials and the discovery of false information in them, as well as inconsistency with the Regulations on the Competition.

3.9. The costs of participation in the face-to-face stages of the competition (travel, meals, accommodation) are borne by the participant.
3.10. To inform the public about the Competition
The organizer reserves the right to use the materials sent by the participants on their websites:
- official websites of the Contest and ;
- video channels "Divo of Eurasia" on , Yandex Zen and other social networks;
- on the websites of the organizers and information partners of the Contest.

In this case, the name of the project and the region (or country) are indicated.
At the end of the video, the authors / owners of the video can put their own logo.

IV. Project evaluation.
Determination of the winners of the competition and their awarding.
4.1. The evaluation of the projects submitted for the Competition is carried out in 2 stages:
4.1.1. Selection of the best projects for participation in the final: the competitive projects submitted by the participants of the Competition are considered by the Expert Council. In the process of reviewing and selecting the submitted materials, the finalists of the Competition are determined, who are admitted to the next stage of the Competition.
4.1.2. "Final" - the works are evaluated by the Expert Council on the basis of the submitted video, a brief explanation of the project by the participants of the competition (1-2 minutes) and answers to experts' questions.
Preference will be given to the most vivid, thematically filled, interesting in content projects with a creative creative approach, as well as compliance with professional and ethical standards. Projects in each nomination are selected for the final from the EAEU member states: Russian Russian Federation, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, as well as other countries that have submitted applications in Russian or English (with signatures in Russian or explanatory text in Russian). According to the results of the competition, the winners and prize-winners of the competition are determined.
4.1.3. The decision of the Expert Council is drawn up by the protocol and signed by the Chairman of the Expert Council.
4.2. The winners of the competition are awarded with diplomas and cups.
4.3. Participants of the Competition who did not take the I, II and III places are awarded with a diploma of the participant of the final.
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